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Is Love Lights a Franchise?

Love Lights is not a franchise.  We are a licensing opportunity. This gives each licensee the creativity and flexibility to run their own business with very few rules and restrictions. We provide each licensee all the business materials, training, webpage, and social media support needed to build and run a successful business. We are 100% committed to your success.

How many licensees are permitted in a city?

All licensees have sole rights to a secured territory which is based on population.

What is the timeframe to open a new location?

We are committed to have all new locations up and running within 8-10 weeks.

What support does Love Lights offer licensed partners?

We provide the highest quality inventory. Including letters, numbers, symbols, stands, bulbs and other business supplies. We also provide training, tutorials, a business webpage, help setting up and promoting social media accounts, branding, marketing materials and much more.

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