Celebrate everything in lights!

Our Story

The first time I walked in a room with bright marquee letters lighting the whole space with the initials of our friends who were just married, I gasped. What joy! I was already in the celebration business. I started Yard Love in 2017, a yard greeting company that now celebrates more than 200 Affiliates in thirty States. Seeing the glow of those letters at the wedding reception and the joy on those faces, I knew light-up marquee letters were the next big thing in the world of celebrations. In that moment, Love Lights was born!

We’re now lighting up events all over Columbia, Missouri and want to help you bring that inspiring glow to your community too! We’ve pulled out all the stops! Our custom made letters, numbers and graphics are the highest quality and in the most beautiful font in the biz. Each one is proudly made in the USA by the top professionals in the metal and light industry whose work is featured on the biggest stages and venues in America. We’re ready to light up the world! Join us!


The family all together

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What size are your marquee letters?

3-Foot letters and 4-foot numbers. Some locations have 4-foot letters. Check with your location for details.

What is the rental price?

Our marquee price is per letter/number/symbol. Each piece is between $40-$75 depending on your location. Reach out to your local business owner for more pricing information.

What is included in the price?

Rental, delivery, setup, and pickup.

How are your marquee letters made?

Our Marquees are proudly made in the USA by Metal and Light professionals with over 15 years of experience. Our unique and modified font was engineered exclusively for Love Lights business owners.

What are you waiting for?

Join the Love Lights family and start a marquee business of your own

Light up your next Celebration